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Torah Crown
Breastplate (Torah shield)
Yad (Torah pointer)
Kiddush Cup
Teffilin box
Mezuzah Case
Russia, Moscow

Silver, glass, amethyst, cit-rin, carnelian. Filigree, inlaid.
Silversmith A. Tikhonov


Following the biblical commandment (Deuteronomy 6:4-9) a parchment scroll is affixed to the doorposts of Jewish homes, usually encased in a protective cover. This object is the mezuzah (doorpost) which is inscribed with the text of the Shema, the basic precept of the Jewish religion. As a sign of devotion, a very traditional synagogue usually has a mezuzah on every doorpost except for bathrooms, closets or any other doors that might imply disrespect.

This beautiful oval-shaped ritual object represents a filigree plate edged with large-sized pearls and a glass case in a silver setting. The fine filigree ornament is added with granulation and amethyst, carnelian and citrin inlays.