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Torah Crown
Breastplate (Torah shield)
Yad (Torah pointer)
Kiddush Cup
Teffilin box
Torah Shield
Mid-18th century

Silver. Cast, embossed, gold-gilded.


Breastplate is a decoration hanging around the "neck" of the Sefer Torah, reminiscent of the breastplate worn by the High Priest when he ministered in the Temple in Jerusalem. Mainly, it serves as another item of beautification, often designed in an ornamental fashion with Jewish symbols and the names of the people who presented it to the synagogue. These breastplates (tassim) have been a standard feature of Torah decoration for hundreds of years.

This rare gilded Torah shield has a two-tiered structure and figured edges. It is richly decorated with a vase filled with flowers and fruits, bunch of grapes, birds, squirrels, floral and rockile patterns. The Torah shield is topped by a stepped cornice with a figured plaque. The item's shape and decoration resembles the Sanctum Sanctorum.