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Torah Crown
Breastplate (Torah shield)
Yad (Torah pointer)
Kiddush Cup
Teffilin box
Torah Crown
Ukraine, Zhytomyr

Silver. Cast, embossed, engraved, gold-gilded


Of all worldwide-known crowns, this Torah crown is the largest. It has three tiers decorated with floral and zoomorphic ornaments, medallions and signs of the zodiac. The upper and lower tiers of the item feature six-ribbed crowns and the central one is formed of lion statuettes. The crown is topped by the statuette of a bird. Three plaques bear metaphoric animal pairs: a deer and a doe, a unicorn and a griffin, a lion and a lioness, which are depicted against the background of flowers, leaves and bunches of grapes. The crown also bears an inscription in Hebrew and the stamp of Zhytomyr, the master's brand and the hallmark 84, etc.