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Torah Crown
Breastplate (Torah shield)
Yad (Torah pointer)
Kiddush Cup
Teffilin box
Torah Crown
Ukraine, Kam'janets Podilsky
Mid-19th century

Silver, color glass. Cast, embossed, engraved, gold-gilded


The crown has two tiers forming an integral composition. The lower tier is decorated with the relief oval-shaped, gilded plaques, each depicting a double-headed crowned eagle with a scepter and orb. Between the plaques bears are engraved to join elements of a floral ornament. Menorah or the Temple's seven-candle stick and the Tablets of the Law with ten Commandments are the basic decorative elements of the crown. The tablets are supported by two gilded crowned lions. In front of the tablets are tiny unicorns holding a gilded plate with an inscription in Hebrew. Inside the crown are special cylindrical boxes to fasten it on Torah scroll.