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Torah Crown
Breastplate (Torah shield)
Yad (Torah pointer)
Kiddush Cup
Teffilin box
Torah Crown
Late 18th - early 19th

Silver, color glass. Cast, embossed, engraved, gold-gilded, nielloed


This crown represents a three-tiered construction that features three six-ribbed crowns placed one above another like a pyramid. The crown is topped by a stone-pine cone, which is typical of the Jewish decorative art. Massive but refined crown is richly decorated with a gilded floral ornament combined with a rollwerk and trefoil patterns, semi-spherical beads and acanthus bands. Colored glass-inlays make the object look exclusively festive and flamboyant. One of the most important elements in the crown's decoration are six beautiful plaques depicting double-headed eagles as the State Emblem of Austro-Hungary.